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About Us

CyweeMotion is a world-leading technology company that focuses on building products and providing services for consumers and businesses. CyweeMotion has its roots began in 2007 at the Industrial Technology Research Institute and has been a market leader in its core development areas of motion sensing and processing through sensor fusion technology.

CyweeMotion and its related company CyWee Group hold one of the most significant patent portfolios in the areas of motion sensing technology, which cover its sensor fusion technology, sensor hub architecture, and advanced sensor hub applications.

Product and Service

In the past decade, CyweeMotion has focused on software licensing and provided customized software for its platform customers and brand companies. CyweeMotion has offered a comprehensive solution for motion processing on phone, wearable, IOT products. More specifically, CyweeMotion has accumulated profound expertise in its patented advanced 9-axis sensor fusion technology, activity recognition solution, exercise monitoring technology, and pedestrian navigation technology.

9-axis Sensor Fusion

Activity Recognition

Exercise Monitoring

Pedestrian Navigation